Rally Competitions

VI Tramo de Tierra de Esplús 2016- Rallysprint

VI Tramo de Tierra de Esplús was the last race from the dirt rallysprint championship
from Aragón. The race was composed by 2 stages, that we will pass 2 times each
(another one on each to take the notes) in total 4 racing stages.

Our team was formed by:
Diver: Guillem Serna
Co-Driver: Roger Castells
Car: Suzuki Swift Sport (Copa Swift)

We were about to begin. The track was simply full of mud, because it been raining
for the whole week before. So was time to get dirty!

Before the last stage, it began to rain very hard. So the track was going to be very
muddy and slippery; more than the other stages.

Arriving to the end was a perfect feeling, because during
all the race we saw lot of cars stuck and off the track
because the slippery conditions. We also got a small
incident getting off the track, but were lucky to make a
fast recovery.

After the race, we really need a car cleaning machine!

We also got the 3rd place on the rookies class.
1st: Carlos Villaro - Jose Ángel Sanz (Golf 1.8 mk2)
2nd: Sergio Bercero - Alejandro Luis (Peugeot 205 GTI 1.9)
3rd: Guillem Serna - Roger Castells (Suzuki Swift Sport)