Fixed Contests

Tibidabo Hill Climb 2014

Last saturdays was the Tibidabo Hill Climb 2014! A super chrono race by Raw Cycling and
Two wheels fuel 4 life! With 395m of ascent on 5km. This year they made 4 categories: Ultra
for Boys & girls on fixedgear/singlespeed, Medium for Boys on fixedgear/singlespeed, Girls
on fixedgear/singlespeed and Freeride: all bike allowed!

The day was a typical autumn day: rainy and cold! I race on the Ultra category, and we were
the last to race. The first were the freeride category, and on that moment was raining so hard!
Racers begin every minute, racing only with the time!

It was so cold, but everyone was focused on his race, without worrying if the road was wet.
Last year I used a 48-17, and I went too heavy. This time I use a 46-18 for the gear ratio
and I think it was heavy too, on some hills I was a bit stuck.

Finally I do a time of 19:07 to reach the top! Not my best, but havin' lot of fun with my friends!
And now the best part: the downhill, on wet asphalt! My favourite part!!

The after party was on Juanita Lalá, a awesome bar near the Barceloneta. The winner
was ready to announce! On the Ultra category my friend Pau Moltó makes a time of 12:53
but Ibon Zugasti (the professional cyclist) makes a 12:06 winning the race. On Medium
Albert Sanz wins with a 14:24, on Girls Sandra Jordà wins with a 16:18 and on freeride
Juan Antonio wins with a 14:15.

Photos(order of appearance): Haikuvisual, Brazo de Hierro, and Ori Vermell