Fixed Contests

The Brompton Weekend 2014

Last weekend was the Brompton Weekend, a weekend full of activities to do with your
Brompton! So we decide to participate on the Sunday's race, the Bromptom Challenge. With
the support from The Bike Club Barcelona, we could race!

Race consisted made 7 laps around the circuit, with stairs and sand parts. But they got
some rules.

The rules were simple: Wear a suit with a shirt and a tie. No sports wear. Use a Brompton.

The race begins like the Le Mans Race. All bikes folded on the start line and all racers 100m
far from it. When the race begins everyone begin running to his/her Brompton and begin
mounting it.

I just trained so hard on fold and mount fast my Brompton; but on the race, I really mount
my bike super slowly taking a really bad position on the begin of the race. But it was done, so
I begin to gain positions on the first laps.

The circuit was so hard, because it was like CycloCross, with the stairs and the dirt parts.

With a super hard race track and my really bad begin, I finally arrive 32 doing the 7 laps
with 34min. Eric, one of my teammates makes the 7th position and my teammate Henrique
Leandro makes a 15th. On the team general we make a 4th position, less than 14s to the 3rd!
It was super fun and I'm so glad to participate on this awesome race.

I really want to thank to all the crew from The Bike Club Barcelona to give us the bikes and
get it ready, to my friends and teammates Henrique and Eric.

Photos by: Sònia Clara & Filipe Philip