Rally Competitions

Tramo de Tierra Robres - Monegros 2018

Tramo de Tierra Robres was the first rally of 2018 season. I was very motivated about
havin' Clara Arboix as a new codriver for all the season.

The rally was made by 3 stages. Apperently, it was sunny, but the first cars on racing
returned with lot of mud.

Our time to race began, it was the first rally for Clara and she was ready to race.

First part of the stage was super fast, the road was very wide and slippery.
But all came in the half of the stage. At that point the road change, it was narrow
and curvy with some dangerous places. Also in that part of the stage, it was raining
very hard. The road was muddy and the car uncontrolled. We got to slow the
peace and pass that part of the stage.

We made it to the end, but it wasn't easy. 1 stage down and 2 to go.

During the 2nd stage the rain just passed by, and we were faster than the first stage,
but some parts were still muddy.

The last stage was completely dry, and we were super fast! Enough to win in class!