Fixed Contests

Red Hook Criterium Barcelona 2014

Last saturday was the Red Hook Criterium Barcelona 2, a crazy criterium race made by
David Trimble. This year the rules have changed, because there was lot of racers; so:
- Qualifying
- Last Chance race
- 5K race (running)
- Final Race

This is the most important part before the race. You got 20min on the circuit to make the
fastest lap as you can, only the fastest counts. This makes the pole position for the final
Race, but only 85 racers can only participate. So the 85 first times go directly to the final.

Last Chance Race:
This new race is for those who have not been classified has a chance to get to the final race.
So from the 86 to 150 position can compete on this race. If you make it to the top 10 on this
race, you get a position on the final race.

I just ride at the qualifying group 4. I decided to ride alone my qualification, you're free
to make the fast lap with your teammates. I began super slowly and when I was ready
I launch my fast lap. I just made 1:42:90. I try to get another one, but can't beat it.
My goal was to beat the 1:45 so I made it!

Finally I was 10 people to qualify, less than a second of the fast lap.

First year doing the girls race on Barcelona, was super intensive and my teammate Fleur
Faure just take the second place and my friend Mariela the 8th!
1. Ainara Elbusto Arteaga
2. Fleur Faure
3. Vittoria Reati
4. Debora Galvez
5. Sandra Jordà Pascó
6. Stefania Baldi
7. Erin Gunn
8. Mariela Farabello
9. Kelli Samuelson
10. Asia Morris

The final race was crazy, it began super hard and faster. On the middle of the race,
the teammate of Julio Padilla escapes, and all the head group try to catch him. In few laps,
they catch it. Then Julio Padilla just make a scape.

Julio Padilla was 10s escaped from the head group for all the rest of the race.
He wins with a crazy gap from the head group, was amazing!

The final results where:
1. Julio Padilla
2. Augusto Reati
3. Thibaud Lhenry
4. Nicholas Varani
5. Kyle Murphy
6. Brian Wagner
7. Pablo Rodriguez
8. Mario Paz Duque
9. Francesco Martucci
10. George Garnier