Fixed Contests

Red Hook Crit Barcelona 2013E

To classificate for the final race, you have 30min to make your best lap and the 85 better
will take the final! I was on the first group, the group without official times on the RHC,
and the other racers was crossing on your line, and taking the best line without doing
the fast lap. Finally I make my best lap alone and I take 1:45.29 and me and my Polo&bike we
take the 33 position, but all the others racers had to make his best lap, so my position will
go down.4 sure, on the second classificate I went down to the 66 position and at the final
I went down to the 118 position, my final position.

The final race was so good and Hard! Our Polo&Bike team mate Pablo takes
the 7th place on the final! The final positions where:
1. Stefan Vis
2. Evan Murphy
3. Rainier Shaefer
4. Thibaud Lhenry
5. Kyle Murphy
6. Francesco Martucci
7. Pablo Rodriguez