Rally Competitions

4t Rally de Terra Vila de Bellpuig 2017

Driver: Guillem Serna
Codriver: Roger Castells

Rally Bellpuig was awesome! I was driving with my codriver Roger, and we were
ready to give it all!

First of all, we got to make the notes. We got 2 hour to verify the car and take the
notes from 2 stages. The time was not enough for all, we almost don't got time for all.

The rally was compose by 3 sections with 2 stages (A and B) on section. So, 6 stages in total.

The race began and the day was hot! Dusty time was coming!

The stage A was pretty fast and short, but the stage B was large and rough.
The heat was kicking hard and the car was suffering a lot.

The race was absolutely awesome! Dusty and dirty. We got 3rd on class but the
FCA only give prize to the first of every class.

Upcoming next race: Rallysprint Esplús