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Lliga Catalana Pista 2014 Mataro

The last Saturday, was the Catalunya track championship on Mataro.
In my category had 3 competitions, Danish elimination, Keirin and punctuation.

I was going to run the race Keirin, but it never hurts to run in other races to train, investigate
other racers and get more experience.

Danish elimination is a race in which the first goal in passing the sprint laps is eliminated.
The final classification is the first winner (removed).

Then Keirin consists in a 8 lap race. The pole position is randomly choose, and then all
riders go behind the motorbike. This makes 5.5 laps and speeds ups to 55km/h.
Finally, the motorbike gets off the track and the 2.2 laps sprint begans.

In my Keirin round, I get the first position on the random pole. On the 5.5 first laps
I was very focused on my sprint. Then the motorbike gets off and I gave it my all. While I was
sprinting, I thought I had the other racers so close. But when I cross the finish line, and I
turn my head I saw that there was nobody. The other racers crossed the finish line 2
seconds after me.

I'm so happy to win my Keirin round. The other rounds were contested over the finish line ,
as my team mate Diego , with this magnificent photo finish.

Check out the video of the event! 5:06min begans the Keirin rounds

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Lliga Catalana Pista 2014 Mataro