I Tramo de tierra de Pinseque 2019

First Rally in Pinseque

The last weekend was the first round of the Tierra de Tierra Aragon Championship. A race in pinseque was made for the first time, and the whole town was eager to help.

Co-driver and Car

This season I race with Clara Arboix as co-driver and I continue with the Suzuki Swift Sport Cup. One of the most reliable cars he ever piloted.

In the championship of Aragon, most of the tests usually have a single timed in which it is run several times. In this way there are no links and the largest number of cars can participate.

The section of Pinseque was very fast and very slippery, with very fast sections and curves with gutters. In many interiors there were large ditches or concrete posts that had paid great attention. One of my favorite areas was that of a cementary, through which we passed inside, with a lot of margin for error, and we were inside a Gymkhana by Ken Block. After making the notes, we knew it would not be an easy rally.

Good Feeling

In the first special stage it went very well. The notes coincide and the feeling with the car shows. Little by little we were picking up rhythm. In many of the fast curves are also in the cutout and in the top of several ditches. In the part with the largest audience, slip it too. Even so we did: 6: 51,800 P6 in class.

The second section we were more confident, the notes went very well. We improved times, but not positions, falling on the P7 of our class.


The third and final stage of this test was the sunset, the sun and the dust made a combination with which you can not see anything. Even so, let’s trust the notes with a good time ensuring the P7.


TC1: 6: 51,800 P6 in class

TC2: 6: 35,000 P7 in class

TC3: 6: 30.100 P7 in class


An incredible stretch, hopefully it will repeat itself next year.

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