Rally Competitions

VIII Tramo de tierra Ciudad de Daroca 2018

Tramo de Tierra Daroca is one of the hardest rallys in Aragon. It has a lot of rocks and
difficult surfaces, so you need to be very careful about not breaking the car.

Tramo de tierra Ciudad de Daroca 2018 3

For this rally we were doing a contest in partnership with KIYFDC, the simracing team of
Dani Clos. The winner of the contest will be my codriver during a test with the Suzuki Swift.

This rally only has 1 stage, and we race it 4 times. The first time we drive into the stage
it's just to take the pace notes. The winner is the one who makes the 3 stages in less time.

DRIVER: Guillem Serna
CoDriver: Clara Arboix
Car: Suzuki Swift Sport

Our first stage of the race was about being careful, taking some peace and taking some
confidence in the stage. We saw a lot of cars in ditches of the road because they broke
something they can't continue.

On every stage, we were trying to be faster. At the end of the 3rd stage,
we were at the top of our class, and we won in CUP.

1st place in Copa Promoción.

Ready for next race!