Fixed Contests


Last Sunday 12/10/14 was the CycloCross Igualada, the first race of the Catalonian
Championship. I decided to tune my yellow PoloAndBike to race on a single speed bike.
I just put it some CX tires and brakes

My race began super hardly, all the racers started super fast. On the first turn I saw a guy
running with the bike on his shoulder and I flipped. Then I passed him and I saw that he has
no chain so he took a pit stop to change the bike.

Every race like this have some obstacles like small walls, barriers, muddy zones, stairs and
steep hills.

There was a barrier near the hill, if you jumped off your bike, you didn't have enough speed
to go up so you must go running. Only the winners, jumped the barrier with the bike and went
up pedaling.

I ended the race happily. I took the 4th position in my category with a single speed bike!

It was so cool to compete in that race. See u in the next race!