CX Contests


Days before the Cyclocross race on Manresa it was raining so hard and when I arrive
at the Circuit it was super muddy! First I began to do some warm up laps and it was crazy!
The circuit was supercool but the mud was sticky.

The circuit got lot of terrain types. It begans with asphalt; then continues with wet dirt;
then a sand from a soccer field; some parts with dirty mud; and finally lot of parts with
real mud & grass.

The race begans and I was with the last group. After the two first mud&grass zones
(I pass them on my bike) I notice that I was pushing so hard and my bike was going super
slowly. After the third mud&grass zone, my bike stops. A lot of mud just get stuck on my
brakes and on the wheel, so I take my PoloAndBike to my shoulder and I began to run!

When I arrive at the Pit Stop, one guy just give me a tree branch to remove de mud.
Then he recommends me to run with my bike on my shoulder on the mud&grass zones.
During this time I lost a lap, but I left the Pit Stop super fast.

The next laps were crazy, the bike was more and more heavy on every lap, and every
mud&grass zone was a hell! It began to rain, and this gave me an advantage, but having
to run more than half lap makes me to go too slow.

The race ends, and I got no more problems with mud, but I left my bike like this!
It was an epic Cyclocross race, but I think I run to much albeit it was a bike race!
I really had lot of fun and good times!