Rally Competitions

II Tramo de Tierra Subida a la Plana - Cadrete 2018

Tramo de Tierra Cadrete was a blast! It's my favorite rally so far. It consists of 1 stage,
which we pass 3 times. This stage is one of the best, perfect conditions, bit slippery
and 2 sections: First half has a hill like Pikes Peak and the second half is flat with high-speed
corners with only one hairpin.
Driver: Guillem Serna
CoDriver: Clara Arboix

It's the 2nd rally for my codriver Clara Arboix but she's doing a very impressive job.

The race began and we were securing the race.

SS1 went pretty well gettin' a 9:06.2 and P5 in class fighting for P3 for less than 5s.

We keep on going in SS2 and we took 9:01.7 and we took P3, over 4s from P4.
SS3 was about to begin, the sun was going down and we were ready to give it all.

We end up SS3 in full throttle! We made a perfect stage, going really fast! We took 8:42.0
securing P3 and taking home the bronze medal in class

P3 in Class 1
P1 in Promo Cup
Tramo de Tierra Cadrete was a blast! Can't wait for next year! GOFORIT